Press Release

The ingenuity of Carry Me Babies® patented products has been attracting Media from all over Canada and the United States. Media in the Northern Canadian city of Sudbury, Ontario, Channel 10 News introduced Carry Me Babies® as, “the next phenomenon,” in a press release comparing, “Carry Me Babies® to the Cabbage Patch Doll and Tickle Me Elmo”.


On December 9, 2004, Carry Me Babies® was also awarded first place for the best Business to Consumer Website for the 2004 SmartWorx Web Awards initiated by the City of Greater Sudbury Community Development Corporation.


Moreover, The Sudbury Star featured the corporation on three occasions, focusing on its positive attributes, including: awards recognition, trendy marketing techniques and how it is playing a part in Northern Ontario’s growing economic and cultural links with manufacturing in China. On a broader level, London Kids magazine, a reputable publication reaching over 175 000 readers released an article on the originality of the Carry Me Babies® product line.

Other Media coverage include; CTV, TVO and Toronto’s Breakfast Television.

Product Reviews

Here is what Baby Product Reviews said about Carry Me Babies®


I am always looking for something fun and different, so when I saw the “Carry Me Babies” t-shirt, I knew I had to check it out. Once it arrived, my daughter was so excited to try the t-shirt on. It has a screen printed “carrier” straps and a small pocket for your child’s favorite doll or you can choose a doll from the “Carry Me Babies” line. As my daughter danced around the kitchen with her new shirt on, she proudly proclaimed that her “heart was happy” because her new doll was close to her heart. That statement, of course made me happy! The “Carry Me Babies” t-shirt is made of 100% premium pre-shrunk cotton and are available in short and long sleeves. children between the ages of 18 months to 12 years. There are about 5 different themed shirts to choose from each encouraging child safety practice and security. It also encourages positive nurturing capabilities and endless hours of imaginative fun & games as the accompanying toys are easily carried with pride in a specially placed pocket on the front of the shirts.


Yak About It was recently heard yaking about Carry Me Babies®


It was nominated as the most The Most Yakable product.


Celebrity Baby Scoop  tracked Carry Me Babies down and here is the Scoop.


Kids like to carry their toys and dolls with them wherever they go. Keeping tracking of them, however, usually falls on the shoulders of mom or dad. Carry Me Babies has just made parents’ lives a little easier with its collection of t-shirts which allows kids to carry their favorite friend right on the front of the shirt. A handy little pouch on the front of each shirt conveniently holds a small doll or teddy so it’s always available when your child needs or wants it.


Article by Francoise Shirley